There's Something About Spring Cleaning

When I was a kid I dreaded it....yanking out all of my winter clothes and finding the matches to my lonsome socks, sweeping out the garage, raking the yard for hour upon hour....these things were pointless to me.

Last weekend, gerg and I washed the windows at his house, raked the lawn, and did some stuff inside the house. It was bliss. I loved working on projects with him. It was so much fun to get the yard ready for backyard BBQs and playing frisbee with Lakota.

So what changed? As a kid, I hated this stuff, now I revel in it....actually seeking out more projects (no worries there, gerg's got plenty on his list).

I know this much; as long as gerg and I are together, we'll be working on projects. Being on his team rokks. He's patient, thourough, gives clear instructions, and isn't afraid either to ask for a helping hand or to work on something solo.