Can you sing? Do you know what I mean?

A gal pal of mine just moved to the Twin Cities and has been hitting Craigslist looking for jobs in hospitality, mainly serving or bar tending.

We stumbled upon an ad looking for a waitress immediately in a lounge-style atmosphere in St Paul - it included a phone number for "Jeff". Now, we've had mostly very positive experiences with Craiglist, so I wasn't particularly concerned with the brief nature of the ad.

She called. I sat next to her on the sofa reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," and sipping iced tea, but mostly I eavesdropped on her call.

Here's what went down, in a nutshell:

She: I saw your posting for a waitress job on Craigslist.
He: Right, yes. How old are you?
She, with puzzled look on her face: Um, 32....
He: Where are you from?
She : ...the Midwest.
He: Can you sing?
She: Can I sing?
He: Yeah, can you sing?
She: Well, I can, but not very well. Where are you located?
He: I don't need you to sing well, but I can't have you be shy. Do you know what I mean??
She: .........
He: Basically, you'll be entertaining guests in their rooms. Do you know what I mean??
She: Um, ok.
He: Meet me at ____ hotel in Little Canada.
She: Not likely.

She hangs up.
We're still laughing about it.

[where: Minnesota, Food, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, 55418]