A Million Little Pieces

When life gets hectic, it's easy to try to slice it into a million little pieces so that it's easier to juggle.

Sometimes, you cut too closely, a piece becomes damaged and loses its strength.

You take it all on, thinking you're strong enough to handle all of it, and you're juggling a million pieces . I guess you just hope and pray that you don't drop the important ones, but that's not easy, especially the pieces that are already damaged.

At that's the tricky part. A piece became damaged because you didn't give it enough attention. And now that it's damaged, it will require more of your time to repair it - time that you simply don't have due to all the other pieces.


I flew my kites yesterday.

One kite ended up being shredded by a boat motor because the wind took the kite out over the lake. I ran after it, but was wearing flip flops and could not catch it. The dude who tried to rescue it ended up shredding it with his boat motor. I thanked him for trying, but didn't make out with him or anything.

One kite flew high and long. Two smiley girls were watching me. I let them hold the string once the kite was in the air. They giggled. I smiled. They crashed the kite into a soccer field. We giggled.

One was a disaster. It was supposed to be this cool skateboarder, but the construction was crap, and the wind kept pulling the pieces apart. A kite that can't handle wind....it's kind of like a man who can't handle his manhood. Useless.

So, in all, it was a great outing. The boat guy was nice, even though my kite string choked his prop. The girls were sweet and funny. The weather was perfect. The lemonade needed more booze.