Devil Horns

Going through photos for the wedding, I stumbled upon this beauty.

This photo was taken the night gerg and I hooked up. It was Friday, October 14, 2005 in Oshkosh, WI - the day before my birthday. The expressions on our faces kills it.

Gerg plays drums for Dallas Orbiter, and they were in Oshkosh gigging out. I was out in my Halloween costume drinking with Eric, my beloved mermaid and partner in crime. I was supposed to be a lil' devil - thus, the red horns.

It was a hilarious night, for the record. I lost my pants at the Algoma Club, so I spent the night parading around downtown in lace ruffle boyshorts and fishnets.

My friend Eric's mermaid bra kept sliding off, and he singed the red wig later in the evening with a cigarette. The stench was God awful.

Jon (of Dallas Orbiter) borrowed my red and black cape and wore it during their show. Caped organ players are awesome.

I had the worst flu ever that weekend. Gerg ended up with the flu on Monday...He must've caught it from my devil horns. ; )

[where: Oshkosh, Reptile Palace, 54901]

Wedding Spoiler: The Shoes

Wednesday, May 28, marks one month until our day o' nuptials. My oldest sister, Mary, sent me an email reminding me of this fact because she is the rad. I'm pumped about our wedding, and so is she.

Only a month away from today.
I’m so happy and excited for the two of you.
Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do to make your day run smoothly.


Speaking of being pumped about the wedding, another wedding spoiler is in order to mark this special countdown day.

The shoes.....are da bomb.

[where: Betsey Johnson, Fran, Wedding Shoes, 55406]

Pipeline Construction - with Pistols!

The other day we saw a work crew in our neighborhood.
It appeared they were stopping by to check on someone's pipes.

I paid special attention to them because I love blaze orange (for real) , and because they were completely willing to stand outside in the rain.

Nothing unusual, really, until I noticed something odd. One of the workers had handcuffs and, what appeared to be, a pistol strapped to his belt.
What up wit dat??

[where: 55406]

Tumbleweed Flirtation

It was just outside of Denver. I was standing flat footed in the arid, flat, middle of nowhere, and had kicked off my pumps to absorb the warmth of the sun-soaked pavement through my toes.

Basking in the warmth of the arid heat, I tilted my face towards the sun.
As the dust of a giant bus choked me back to reality, I turned my gaze toward the dusty highway.

And then I saw it. It was speeding in my direction!

With my back against the wall of the Thrifty car rental building, I was stuck with nowhere to turn. To my right, the building, to my left, the parking lot!

I only had seconds to gather my plan to tackle and pin it!

But alas, the wind shifted and it tumbled on down the highway, paying me no attention.

I continued to watch it until it lodged itself on a fence; I thought to myself, "Tumbleweeds are cool."

[where: Denver, Colorado, Thrifty Car Rental]

Awesome Place - Mother Earth Gardens

From our garden last year - a Honey Grape heirloom cherry tomato -
plant purchased at Mother Earth Gardens

Although I've rokked a Phish Show or ten, I wouldn't say I'm a hippie.

My mom? Totally thinks I'm a hippie cuz we're not getting married in a church, and cuz we're all about conservation and organic foods. But hey, lots of non-hippies are feeling that kind of stuff.

Another thing that doesn't make me a hippie - my patronage of Mother Earth Gardens. Since I've lived here, I've shopped for plants, dirt, pots n things at Mother Earth Gardens.

The awesome thing about Mother Earth Gardens is their total commitment to being AWESOME. Many other Longfellons agree that we're lucky to have them in the hood.

Awesome traits of Mother Earth Gardens:

First, they have fantastic plants. Big, juicy, buttery, glistening, melt-in-your mouth plants. They offer heirlooms, organics, even native species.

Second, they are all about organic and sustainable growing, and will take the time to answer your questions in these areas.

Third, they are the rad in terms of customer service. Because I'm not a hippie, I stopped at the garden center on my way home from work wearing a skirt and pumps. They gladly offered to help me load up my car, and didn't even roll their eyes at me, although it would have been totally precedented had they.

Fourth, when I buy stuff there, it doesn't die. Now, it could just be my crucial green thumb, but I'm not totally confident about that.

Fifth, they offer useful seminars such as: Summer Composting, Ornamental Edibles and Urban Vegetable Gardening.

I've always voted for them as the "Best Garden Center" for CityPages' annual "Best Of The Cities" contest. I'm not shocked that they've won the award for the past three years.

Plant some stuff.

Mother Earth Gardens
3738 42nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Busted in Longfellow

BUSTED - KOTA DOG: For wandering away from the house without permission, and then wandering back home 15 minutes later with his tail between his legs.

I wrote this song to the tune of Spider-Man:

He's the craziest Kota-Dog.
Drives me nuts!
Makes me mad!
He can fetch;
that is rad!
Look out!
Here comes the Kota-Dog.

[where: 55406]

Breathing Easy on Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day this year, I headed out to the Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Roseville, MN.

I was oblivious to this place before I read about it on the web, grabbed the camera, and headed out, but I'm glad I made the trip.

They have a boardwalk that meanders out into the marsh so you can walk among the reeds, and the ducks glide right by as you try to make your footsteps lighter.

I swear I had no idea how loud my footsteps were until I tried sneaking up on some geese from under a dense cluster of marshiness. Apparently my sneakers aren't so sneaky after all.

Note the lack of goose portraits in my photo set.

[where: Harriet Alexander Nature Center, Roseville, Minnesota, Earth Day, 55406]

Beef Logs

You know your day is gonna be strange when the first email you open in the morning contains a photo of beef logs.

PS - The Swiss Colony Catalog RULES. It makes me crave Petits Fours.

[where: 55406]

Mayday Parade Rookie!

This year I attended my first Mayday Parade in Minneapolis, and you can bet your sweet lil something that I'll be back again next year. Hella AWESOME.

The smiling faces were contagious! Minneapolis loves this parade! I heard a dude next to me spouting out artistic interpretations of all of the puppets, and it didn't even annoy me.

Being a short stack myself, I notice tall stacks. This man must've been 8 feet tall! Must meet tall man.

The costumes, puppets, and musicians were totally entertaining. Check out our photos from the parade.

Unfortunately, someone was a big loser at the after party. From the Mayday web page:
"Unfortunately, there was a robbery at the MayDay T-Shirt Booth A on MayDay (The booth near Stage 1, the concrete band stage). All of the credit card receipts were stolen. If you purchased merchandise at that booth on MayDay, you should contact your bank and cancel your credit card to avoid fraudulent use. We sincerely apologize for this unfortunate incident."


[where: Minneapolis, May Day Parade, 55406]

Minneapolis Bent Festival 2008

The Bent Festival hits Minneapolis this weekend, so that's where we were at on Saturday.

I dig circuit bending.

I was especially looking forward to seeing Tim Kaiser's new stuff. He didn't fail to impress again.

Unfortunately, we missed the Loud Objects set on Friday night, but we did catch the end of Albino Ghost Monkey (straight outta Wiscompton), and they ruled.

Check out our photos from the 2008 Minneapolis Bent Fest.

[location: 55406, Minneapolis, Intermedia Arts]

[where: Intermedia Arts, 55408]

Pregnant Men!!

Pregnant men are amazing. Literally.

It'd be fun to travel to NYC to catch full story.

As for reality, check out this man, who was once a woman, who is now pregnant.

[where: 55406]