Amici Pizza and Bistro Open in NE MPLS

The week before we moved to our new NE neighborhood, Snap Pizza closed, which kind of bummed us out. We're anxious to learn more about Amici Pizza and Bistro, which is opening today at 4:30 in the former Snap location in NE MPLS.

While stopping for coffees at Audubon, we hopped across the street to check out the menu posted in the window this morning.

I'll likely write more about Amici latron this spring.

Brussels sprouts are being served with the roasted chicken entree (hooray!)
Izzy's ice cream is on the dessert menu
Anchovies and prosciutto are two of the pizza topping options
A kid's menu
No beer or wine yet

Amici Pizza and Bistro
2851 Johnson St. NE

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NY Times' Totally Decent Explanation of the Complex World of Ice Skating Deductions.

Check out the NY Times' totally decent explanation of the complex world ice skating deductions.

Figure skating isn't my favorite Winter Olympic sport to watch, but I started watching figure skating with my materfamilias as a youth, so there's some nostalgia associated with it for me.

I remember being totally shocked about the Kerrigan/Harding scandal; screaming in the living room for Kristi Yamaguchi, standing by as Brian Boitano's thighs got huge over the span of his career; noting my brother getting hot and bothered over Nicole Bobek; smiling at Surya Bonaly's flips; and debating with moms over Debbie Thomas's costume decisions.

Like most of y'all, I couldn't figure out how someone who fell on their butt could beat out a skater who landed all of his/her jumps. This NY Times article elucidates some of the deductions that are difficult for the TV viewing audience to notice.

Check out some of the other interactive graphics developed by the NY Times to help us better understand the complexities of some of these Olympic events.

Go team USA!!

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From Medicine Cabinet to Concealed Jewelry Cabinet!!

In the last issue of This Old House Magazine, they converted an old medicine cabinet into a message center.

Since we had just redecorated our bedroom and hadn't devised a solution for storing jewelry, we converted an old bathroom medicine cabinet to a jewelry cabinet concealed behind a piece of art.

This Old House hung the cabinet on the wall instead of recessing it into the wall, but the idea of a hidden jewelry compartment appealed to us.

See our photo set of the project here:

Read This Old House's plan here:,,20339190,00.html

I *heart* the Olympics

As with every other Olympics, I am pumped for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I used to print out these insane spreadsheets that had the times and dates of the events, so I wouldn't miss my favorite athletes or events. I'd keep it in my purse, in the event that I needed to tune in outside of my house. This year, however, I have an iPhone, and thus, I have the NBC Olympics iPhone App.

So says PR News: "The application lets you view all the events with live real-time updates. The latest news stories, medal counts, schedules, and a lot more are included for your Olympics fix."

I've already got my favorites locked in, so I won't miss a thing over the next 16 days...except when I'm working, sleeping, or bathing.

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Dude. Man. Cheese.

Hear ye! Hear ye! The next batch of 15 year-old, super-aged cheddar from Hook's Cheese Co. in Mineral Point, WI will be available on February 22, 2010!

It will sell for $60 per pound.

FYI, the Hooks sold their first 1,200-pound batch of olden cheddar in fewer than 10 days this year for $50 to $60 a pound locally.


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