I *heart* the Olympics

As with every other Olympics, I am pumped for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I used to print out these insane spreadsheets that had the times and dates of the events, so I wouldn't miss my favorite athletes or events. I'd keep it in my purse, in the event that I needed to tune in outside of my house. This year, however, I have an iPhone, and thus, I have the NBC Olympics iPhone App.

So says PR News: "The application lets you view all the events with live real-time updates. The latest news stories, medal counts, schedules, and a lot more are included for your Olympics fix."

I've already got my favorites locked in, so I won't miss a thing over the next 16 days...except when I'm working, sleeping, or bathing.

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Josh Herman said...

You're such a freak. Nerd. We love you.