NY Times' Totally Decent Explanation of the Complex World of Ice Skating Deductions.

Check out the NY Times' totally decent explanation of the complex world ice skating deductions.

Figure skating isn't my favorite Winter Olympic sport to watch, but I started watching figure skating with my materfamilias as a youth, so there's some nostalgia associated with it for me.

I remember being totally shocked about the Kerrigan/Harding scandal; screaming in the living room for Kristi Yamaguchi, standing by as Brian Boitano's thighs got huge over the span of his career; noting my brother getting hot and bothered over Nicole Bobek; smiling at Surya Bonaly's flips; and debating with moms over Debbie Thomas's costume decisions.

Like most of y'all, I couldn't figure out how someone who fell on their butt could beat out a skater who landed all of his/her jumps. This NY Times article elucidates some of the deductions that are difficult for the TV viewing audience to notice.

Check out some of the other interactive graphics developed by the NY Times to help us better understand the complexities of some of these Olympic events.

Go team USA!!

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