Hot Holiday Shots with She-Ra

Sure, you could cuddle up and watch Frosty, the Snowman, or sip hot chocolate while Rudolph or the Peanuts entertain you, but why not spice up the routine this year?

Enjoy holiday shots with 6-packs and sexy red boots compliments of He-Man and She-Ra!

Here is the hour-long He-Man and She-Ra Holiday Special, presented to you in 5 contiguous episodes, each about 10 minutes long.

Watch them all in one sitting, or pop back in throughout the holiday week for your daily DOSE of SHE-RA, PRINCESS OF POWER.

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special, Part 1

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special, Part 2

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special, Part 3

He-man and She-ra Christmas Special, Part 4

He-man and She-ra Christmas Special, Part 5

Happy Fiberoptic Holidaze

Happy holiday times!

Two years ago, I wanted a fiber optic Christmas tree. I realized that dream at Target. Our fiber optic tree is featured above in this holiday photo.

Here's a video of a fiber optic tree in action.

Until last year, my philosophy regarding Christmas trees was simple: killing trees to decorate their carcasses in your home for 2 weeks is practically a sin. Why kill a tree when you can have a fiber optic one?

Thankfully, I expressed this rationale this to my boss, who set me straight.

My boss, paraphrased:
"Well Marie, cutting down your own tree can be a sustainable choice. Most Christmas trees are harvested from tree farms, and a lot of them are owned by families."

Here's the rationale from Balanced Living Magazine: "These farms plant about two trees for every one cut, and often they use rocky soil that does not support other types of agriculture. This means that instead of barren land, the farm hosts trees that provide oxygen and combat global warming.

However, many of these farms use pesticides to protect the trees from insects and disease. Many of these pesticides contaminate groundwater and harm wildlife. The trees also can pose a danger to your family. According to a study by the Cooperative Extension Service of North Carolina, most Christmas trees are treated with the pesticide chlorpyriforus, a suspected neurotoxin. A cut tree may still be laden with this chemical and others when it reaches your home.

To keep the chemicals out of your house – and the environment – look for an organic tree. Organic Christmas trees are rising in popularity. A search on the website for the non-profit Local Harvest ( turns up several online pages of listings for organic and almost-organic tree farms across the U.S. If there is not an organic tree farm near you, ask local growers whether they take steps to reduce chemical inputs.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation recommends artificial trees to sufferers of severe allergies because live trees can harbor pollens and molds. While artificial trees are reusable, they are also made from non-renewable resources such as plastic, steel and aluminum. Once thrown away, your artificial tree will spend centuries in your local landfill. Also, three out of every four artificial trees sold in the U.S. come from factories in China where most workers make only about $125 a month in sweatshop conditions. If you opt for an artificial tree, purchase one made in the U.S. under fair-labor conditions. Christmas Depot (877-ELF-LAND, sells trees made in New Jersey under fair conditions.

Use your tree for as many years as you can. Most recycling programs do not accept artificial trees. If you must get rid of it, check with local charities, shelters and churches to see if they need your old tree for the holidays."

Eventually, this little, fiber optic tree will stop working and will find it's place in a landfill, where it will probably never decompose. Until then, I will enjoy it, and do dances to celebrate how cool fiber optics look.

When it comes time to replace it, we'll look for an organic tree.

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NOROC! Tozai Junmai Nigori

You know, considering Tozai Junmai Nigori sake springs from the "snow maiden," I can say with utmost certainty that we were wikked smart to order it at King and I Thai during this winterly month o' December.

First of all, just look at it. The bottle LOOKS divine.

After you look, taste. It is soft, fruity, slightly nutty, and has the most DIVINE, dulcet flavor. It's not particularly sweet, and despite its creaminess, it's dry. Very easy to drink. Very inviting.

Pair it with a creamy curry or a sizzling sautée, and you will be loving life.

Add to the mix some rad company, and you've got yerself a grand old time.

And since we're talking about booziness, what better way to impress your HAWT New Year's Eve date than with exotic toasts?!

English - Cheers!
Albanian - Gezuar
Armenian - Genatzt
Austrian - Prosit
Belgian - Op uw gezonheid
Brazilian - Saude, Viva
Chinese - Nien Nien nu e. Kong Chien
Czechoslovakian - Na Zdravi, Nazdar
Danish - Skal
Dutch - Proost. Geluch
Egyptian - Fee sihetak
Estonian - Tervist
Finnish - Kippis. Maljanne
French - A vortre sante
German - Prosit. Auf ihr wohl
Greek - Eis Igian
Hawaiian - Okole malune
Hebrew - L'Chaim
Hungarian - Kedves egeszsegere
Indian - A la sature
Japanese - Kampai. Banzai
Korean - Kong gang ul wi ha yo
Lithuanian - I sveikas
Mexican - Salud
New Zealander - Kia ora
Norwegian - Skal
Philippine - Mabuhay
Polish - Na zdrowie. Vivat
Portuguese - A sia saide
Romanian - Noroc
Russian - Na zdorovia
Spanish - Salud, amor y
Swedish - Skal
Welsh - Iechyd da

I think I'll rock "NOROC" this year!

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Festival of Lights in My Neck of the Non-Woods

Remember when Aaron Landry posted about that house that played music and had a light show? In case you don't remember that, there's a house in our neighborhood that has a crazy LED light display set to music.

Gerg and I drove by last night, and captured this beauty of a video on his cell phone.
The sound is terrible. FO SHO.
However, it's hilarious.
Yes, you should check it out at 41st Ave S and 32nd.

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Liz is THE BIZ

Do you like this ensemble?

In the spirit of fashion fun, vote for Liz's cute outfit AND for Minneapolis!

She's the first person pictured: "MINNEAPOLIS - THE MINNEAPOLINE"

PS - That's my vintage Coach handbag. I feel so proud.

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Warm Toes, Warm Heart

A broken furnace in December is practically cliché. Until it happens to you. Then it totally sukks.

With our furnace on my shit list, and me wrapped up in a zebra blanket (referred to as the zeburrito), December wasn't shaping up to be particularly cozy..........



Thanks Saint Nick!!!

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,
you are friggin sweet!
Rainbow socks and a furnace,
heat my chilly feet!
Please come back tonight again
if you've got the nerve.
You passed o'er the red stocking
that we hung for Gerg.

UPDATE: St Nick did show up the next night, and brought gerg a Harry and David Moose Munch Bar, and two DVDs: Clue and Fargo. HUZZAH!

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Scandalous Photos!!

Someone I know is getting one of these bad boys for Christmas.

Sure, the film is expensive, but sometimes, a Polaroid is just worth it.

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I *heart* Bots

I *heart* bots of all kinds.

I really want to get one of those vacuum cleaning bots to chase our dog around the house. If you have one, please tell me how well it works on cleaning up disgusting animal fur.

Anyhoo, with bots on the brain, on Saturday gerg and I took a snowy field trip to FoamCarver USA.

Why? The friendly folks at FoamCarver USA have a ShopBot PRSalpha - Personal Robotic System.

Personal Robotic System??? YES!!! With a little imagination and some software skilz, a person can make just about anything out of foam, wood, or metal with a high performance router such as the ShopBot.

So basically, you develop a plan using Shopbot's software, or some other comparable software, and the machine reads the plan and carves the pieces of the plan out using a router. Things like signs or flat wooden pieces for furniture are a breeze. You can take it to the next level by designing and carving out layers in order to create an entire sculpture.

The folks at FoamCarver USA are responsible for all kinds of projects around the Twin Cities, including some of the giant animal carvings at the RainForest Cafe. And they use the ShopBot for most of their projects. The machine itself costs about $10k, which ain't bad considering the versatility and maintenance package available.

The router itself is WAY quieter than gerg and I imagined it would be. It's about the size of a queen-sized bed, so you could easily take naps at work (smaller models are available). And it's a lot more versatile than I imagined. After we watched the machine in action, we spent the rest of the day imagining potential projects. I also made up a song about the ShopBot to the melody of Love Shack because I'm lame.

We also decorated our Christmas tree. So Saturday was a totally RAD day.

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