NOROC! Tozai Junmai Nigori

You know, considering Tozai Junmai Nigori sake springs from the "snow maiden," I can say with utmost certainty that we were wikked smart to order it at King and I Thai during this winterly month o' December.

First of all, just look at it. The bottle LOOKS divine.

After you look, taste. It is soft, fruity, slightly nutty, and has the most DIVINE, dulcet flavor. It's not particularly sweet, and despite its creaminess, it's dry. Very easy to drink. Very inviting.

Pair it with a creamy curry or a sizzling sautée, and you will be loving life.

Add to the mix some rad company, and you've got yerself a grand old time.

And since we're talking about booziness, what better way to impress your HAWT New Year's Eve date than with exotic toasts?!

English - Cheers!
Albanian - Gezuar
Armenian - Genatzt
Austrian - Prosit
Belgian - Op uw gezonheid
Brazilian - Saude, Viva
Chinese - Nien Nien nu e. Kong Chien
Czechoslovakian - Na Zdravi, Nazdar
Danish - Skal
Dutch - Proost. Geluch
Egyptian - Fee sihetak
Estonian - Tervist
Finnish - Kippis. Maljanne
French - A vortre sante
German - Prosit. Auf ihr wohl
Greek - Eis Igian
Hawaiian - Okole malune
Hebrew - L'Chaim
Hungarian - Kedves egeszsegere
Indian - A la sature
Japanese - Kampai. Banzai
Korean - Kong gang ul wi ha yo
Lithuanian - I sveikas
Mexican - Salud
New Zealander - Kia ora
Norwegian - Skal
Philippine - Mabuhay
Polish - Na zdrowie. Vivat
Portuguese - A sia saide
Romanian - Noroc
Russian - Na zdorovia
Spanish - Salud, amor y
Swedish - Skal
Welsh - Iechyd da

I think I'll rock "NOROC" this year!

[where: 55406]

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