Blueberries and Manure

So, I finally found a new job and moved to Minneapolis!! HOORAY!
gerg and I are making photo frames and drinking whiskey. This is the LIFE!
Come and visit us! We just went to the Riverview and watched a Prairie Home Companion whilst guzzling a bottle of vino that we stashed in my huge purse.

My new job is coolio.
Working on the St. Paul campus at the University of Minnesota has turned out to be a nice transition step for me. The campus setting is rural, my office is large and quiet. I have even a great view from my window.

Some parts of the job make me laugh.
Today I wrote the phrase, ""Unsure of impact beyond blueberries."
I never thought I'd have a job where I'd be writing about manure and blueberries one minute, and developing a VPN the next.

The administrative aspect of my job is heavy on the technical end; my boss ain't a wizard when it comes to anything related to technology for communications. He doesn't even own a cell phone, so I do a lot of data management and reporting. I've already learned a lot.

I miss writing as much as I did in University Relations. Most of the writing here takes the form of editing, which is interesting, but not nearly as creative. In the meantime, I'll use my blog for an outlet.

I'm keeping myself entertained by the idea that I devote 40 hours of my week to contemplating programs that address the importance of manure and blueberries. hahaha


This is dedicated to the one I long for.
To the one who's strong for
I will kick the shit out of my weaknesses. Stick by me.
You da best.