Bring Back 80's Speed Metal

Sometimes, when it's 5 days before your wedding, and you're a TAD stressed out, a friend sends you something that TOTALLY F-ING RULES.

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The Perfect Wedding Gift

Just in case there's someone out there who wants to share in our wedding day magic by donating a non-refundable gift, here's something that would do the trick: a wheel of Beemster Classic.

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Wedding Spoiler: The Wedding Rings

First, I spoiled the handbag.
Next, I spoiled the shoes.
Then, I spoiled the orgy.

10 days until we're hitched, and I'm about to spoil the rings.

Possibly the most enduring memento of the occasion (besides our marriage) will be our wedding rings, which is why we wanted something cool enough to wear forever. We're pleased as punch with the design of our rings. Therefore, I'm going to SPOIL the rings with this blog post.

Fortunately, some friends were able to recommend Studio Vincent at Gaviidae Commons. We headed there on a breezy Saturday morning in March to select our rings.

For his wedding ring, gerg selectged this piece by Patrick Malotki who interned at Muerrle & Heckler. Gerg was fascinated by the goofy joinery demonstrated in the ring. Being a handyfixitdude, gerg appreciates these kinds of details, and the joinery gives a nod to his woodworking sensibilities and the woodworking sensibilities of his father.

FOR DA BRIDE (c'est moi!)

Mine ring is by the amazing Niessing company out of Germany. I was charmed by the floating diamonds in this "Runway Ring." The channel in the ring has a wikked awesome feature; the cognac diamond physically glides through the channel, as though it was floating up and down the runway. Additionally, the cognac colored diamond matches my hair. WORD.

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Fuzzy Mold? Pretty Pony Poop? Angel Droppings?

Check out the snowstorm we had at our house this June.

KIDDING, but seriously what's with all the white fluff floating in the air in our neighborhood recently?

Have Pretty Ponies taken over our skies and started crapping mid flight?

I keep thinking it must be cottonwood, but how can the few cottonwood trees in our neighborhood produce this much fluff?

It's been extreme - so much so that the other day that I got spooked by it, and didn't want to eat on the deck. The angel turds kept falling in my food!

Seriously, my flowerbeds are coated in it to the point where they looked like they're covered in fuzzy mold.

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Wedding Spoiler: The Orgy

First, I spoiled the handbag.
Next, I spoiled the shoes.

Today, with 20 days left before the wedding bash, I'm spoiling the orgy.

The ORGY?! Yes.

Being raised in a household of musicians, and marrying a musician makes for interesting options...

We've booked the Jazz Orgy & Friends for our wedding music.

Jazz Orgy Key Players:
Steve Cooper - Saxophone
Mark Martin - Keys
Andy Mertens - Bass
Mike Underwood - Drums

"& Friends" includes an acoustical guitar performance during the ceremony, and a few talented friends who will be sitting in with the band during the reception.

Check out their sound on MySpace. They've got new stuff worth hearing.

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I've memorized the entire song for my next karaoke opportunity. I haven't found the belt yet though.


I swear I had nothing to do with this.
However, I fully support the wearing of it.

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Professional Rambling

The Rambler recently contacted me about publishing a piece of my prose in their September/October issue.

They collected some personal information, apropos. They had only one question about my piece: "Is it fiction or nonfiction?"

I was tempted to write back, "You be the judge."

It'll be on the stands at Border's next fall.

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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in Minneapolis

I know that Guy Fieri and Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" crew have been in the Twin Cities on more than one occasion. I've seen Al's, Mickey's, and others featured on the program.

They're back in town. I spotted the film crew twice in the span of three days this week....once at the Town Talk Diner, and again two days later at The Wienery.

I took some not-so-stellar photos on my cell phone of the crew at The Wienery:

I was sitting inside at The Wienery counter when I took this photo. My bratwurst (served Warsaw style) was nothing to sing about, sadly, but my french fries were spot on. Prolly shoulda ordered a wiener!

The Wienery has a few tables, a diner-style counter with stools, and a beat up piano in the corner. Not much room for a film crew. Plenty of room to eat a wiener.

Guy's right hand lady asked Pat Starr, of The Wienery, to bag up a Hot Italian sammich for Guy after he read the menu taped to the window.

I took this photo as we were leaving. Not pictured: the black stretch limo next to the dude in the black tie. That's right - a limo parked outside of The Wienery! FANCY!

A big up yourself to my colleague, John, for the invite to The Wienery.

PS - I heard from one of the handsome servers at the Town Talk Diner that the episode would be aired "sometime in July?"

[where: The Wienery, Minneapolis, 55406]

Persepolis at the Riverview Theatre

We checked out Persepolis at the Riverview Theatre this past weekend.
The movie is based on a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi.

The film, like the graphic novel, unfolds chronologically as a flashback - an autobiographical account of a girl, Marji, who is raised against the violent backdrop of Iran during the Iranian Revolution.

Possibly my favorite aspect of the film was the animation philosophy - if such a thing exists. I'm no artist, FYI. See, the violence in the film is tamed because much was left in the shadows and to the viewer's imagination. The shadows are stunning in this film. Implied, horrifying acts become more horrifying when the act itself is not depicted, but rather the reactions of those who have witnessed the terror are dipicted. The act itself is left in the black of a shadow.

It is a sad story, with humorous moments interlaced. A little sappy, a little sentimental - imagine a punked out version Ramona Quimby dropped in the middle of the Iranian Revolution. No happy ending, no resolution - just a story.

English subtitles mean you'd better wear your glasses, or be fluent in French.

[where: Riverview Theatre, Persepolis, 55406]