That Awesome Aria in The Magic Whistle

I remember watching Amadeus as a kid and marveling at the soprano who played the Queen of the Night, June Anderson.

This video is Queen of the Night MADNESS!!! I DIE, just like Rachel Zoe.

PS - Diana Damrau is creepy and awxum.

In Memory of Lois Gould

Kari shivers on the front stoop with two cocktails in her hands as we unload the car for a Christmas at home in Waterford, WI.

"Come on you guys! I'm flipping freeezing standing here!"

We shoulder our backpacks and tins of cookies, leaving the gifts in the trunk for another trip. Stamping the snow off our newly polished shoes, we tumble through the door with a mighty chill and a whole lot of snow.

Gerg kicks off his shoes, drops his bags, thanks Kari and grabs the cocktail from her, and slides on his socks over the hardwood floor toward the living room, knowing grandma will be in her favorite spot near the fireplace.

"Hi Grandma!" as he makes his way past the Christmas tree.

"Oh, Greg!", grandma looks up from her lap, surprised, grinning.

"Merry Christmas, Grandma!"

"I like your hat," she says, smiling. Gerg pops off his stocking cap, showing off his messy spiked hair. We know what to expect next. Grandma makes a motion above her head as though she's spiking her hair. "I like your hair." We all laugh.

"So cute, so cute!" grandma says. Gerg grins and shrugs his shoulders at me. I shake my head and laugh. Gerg's dad cracks a joke about how grandma's vision must not being so good.


Grandma passed away this weekend.
Lois was so darn cheery...she had a way of making her family feel loved and appreciated.

The last time I saw her, she said thank you for our beautiful wedding. She blew her usual kisses from bed, and said, "I love you."

Here's to a woman who said thank you, for everything. Here's to a woman who said "I love you" for no reason, just out of the blue. Here's to a woman who believed in blowing kisses, eating candy, and asking cute doctors if they were married.

She will be missed.

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Candy Corn Petits Fours

Candy Corn Petits Fours from The Swiss Colony make fall more bearable somehow. CHOMP!

FACT: For years, I have been mysteriously drawn to the marvels contained in the The Swiss Colony catalog.

Last November, I almost broke a heel as I stopped short to have a minor freak out about the Swiss Colony workers in front of Grand Central Station in NYC. Some of them were dressed as reindeer, and they had Swiss Colony hats, mitten, and scarves. I would totally rokk SC mittens.

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Sweet Metal Drums

Yesterday a colleague told me all about the They Might be Giants show at First Ave on Saturday. I was not envious.

I'm one of those people who gets wikked irritated by They Might be Giants. For instance, I will not play them for my future children in my awesome new Saab for fear I'd irrationally stick a pen in my eye. That would sukk for a number of reasons.

I can pretty much blame an old pal who used to jam They Might be Giants around-da-clock in his station wagon. -------> DZ

When my colleague asked me why I didn't like They Might be Giants, I couldn't put my finger on it, so I said, "I guess in the scheme of things, I like my rock HARD."

Coincidentally, I saw this cartoon this morning, which made me smile. It's how music works in my imagination.

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Honeycrisp Apple Season is Like Christmas

When I was a kid, I started anticipating Christmas as soon as December 1st hit the calendar. We weren't big into flashy gifts, but I still loved that time of year. Being the youngest of 7 kids, I was always pumped for my brothers and sisters to come home from college for a week to stay up late, play Scrabble, drink nog, make music, and sneak smokes after my parents went to bed.

I hype the annual "Welcome Back" celebration for the Honeycrisp Apple with almost as much pizazz. Ok, ok, my brothers and sisters are cooler than apples....HOWEVER, I scored some Zestar apples at Seward Co-op yesterday, which means Honeycrisps are getting ready to DOMINATE the scene.

I am so friggin pumped for Honeycrisp Apple season. It's just 'round the bend, and we gonna FEAST on Honeycrisps, yo.

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Getting Your Rummage On

This weekend I'm participating in my first multi-family rummage sale since I've moved to the Twin Cities.

When we arrived last night with our truckload, there were some neat vintage items, kitchen supplies and baby supplies already sorted out. We added to the mix our stereo, snowboard boots, speakers, kitchenware, silk scarves, furniture, my mountain bike, and books. Another load was packed from the recording studio as well.....I saw an electric guitar, drum pedal, and recording goodies in those boxes. It looks like it's gonna be a rad rummage sale. Lots of cool stuff.

I didn't include my treadmill in the lot - I wasn't sure if this was the right time of the year to sell a treadmill. I paid $300 for it 3 years ago, so I'm hoping I can get $100 for it sometime soon.

If you're interested in musical equipment, furniture, vintage items, kitchen supplies, baby clothes, kids toys (for kids or circuit bending), stereo, speakers, or books, check it out:
4137 12th Ave S, 8am-4pm on Sat (9/6) and Sun (9/7).

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Politician Burger

A trip to The Nook in St. Paul last weekend started with walking through the front door and spotting this sign:

For $6.50 you can get a taste of what the RNC is all about.

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