Sweet Metal Drums

Yesterday a colleague told me all about the They Might be Giants show at First Ave on Saturday. I was not envious.

I'm one of those people who gets wikked irritated by They Might be Giants. For instance, I will not play them for my future children in my awesome new Saab for fear I'd irrationally stick a pen in my eye. That would sukk for a number of reasons.

I can pretty much blame an old pal who used to jam They Might be Giants around-da-clock in his station wagon. -------> DZ

When my colleague asked me why I didn't like They Might be Giants, I couldn't put my finger on it, so I said, "I guess in the scheme of things, I like my rock HARD."

Coincidentally, I saw this cartoon this morning, which made me smile. It's how music works in my imagination.

[where: 55406]


Josh Herman said...

HAHAHA. See you soon pally.

gerg said...