In Memory of Lois Gould

Kari shivers on the front stoop with two cocktails in her hands as we unload the car for a Christmas at home in Waterford, WI.

"Come on you guys! I'm flipping freeezing standing here!"

We shoulder our backpacks and tins of cookies, leaving the gifts in the trunk for another trip. Stamping the snow off our newly polished shoes, we tumble through the door with a mighty chill and a whole lot of snow.

Gerg kicks off his shoes, drops his bags, thanks Kari and grabs the cocktail from her, and slides on his socks over the hardwood floor toward the living room, knowing grandma will be in her favorite spot near the fireplace.

"Hi Grandma!" as he makes his way past the Christmas tree.

"Oh, Greg!", grandma looks up from her lap, surprised, grinning.

"Merry Christmas, Grandma!"

"I like your hat," she says, smiling. Gerg pops off his stocking cap, showing off his messy spiked hair. We know what to expect next. Grandma makes a motion above her head as though she's spiking her hair. "I like your hair." We all laugh.

"So cute, so cute!" grandma says. Gerg grins and shrugs his shoulders at me. I shake my head and laugh. Gerg's dad cracks a joke about how grandma's vision must not being so good.


Grandma passed away this weekend.
Lois was so darn cheery...she had a way of making her family feel loved and appreciated.

The last time I saw her, she said thank you for our beautiful wedding. She blew her usual kisses from bed, and said, "I love you."

Here's to a woman who said thank you, for everything. Here's to a woman who said "I love you" for no reason, just out of the blue. Here's to a woman who believed in blowing kisses, eating candy, and asking cute doctors if they were married.

She will be missed.

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gerg said...

She lived a great life. One of the happiest people I have ever known.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts go out to you! Such a sad time. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Whew, it's been a rough few days, but hey, if Mom hadn't lived so long we wouldn't have all these great memories and our super daughter-in-law would not have had the opportunity to ever know her.
Love the picture, it REALLY makes me smile. LYL-M