Notes From the Shop: Vise Restoration

Gerg had a nasty rust-coated Wilton vise. It had mad potential, but the beast was coated in thick rust.

He used electrolysis (which involved a battery charger and some super washing soda) to remove the rust and then I gave it a fresh coat of paint.

Looks and works great now!


Documentary: The Minneapolis Wrestling Club

Yo, you got 17 minutes?

You'll need 17 minutes to watch this dope documentary about wrasslin' in Minneapolis.

If you know me, you know homegirl's a bit scrappy. For a two-month in my late teens, I considered taking up professional wrestling. My wrestling name was Luscious EsQuefunka. I had big plans for a purple satin cape with sequins. Needless to say, the following documentary has a lot of appeal for a bruiser like me.

The Minneapolis Wrestling Club from Site-Specific Documentary on Vimeo.

The Minneapolis Wrestling Club is a 16mm documentary film about four old-school, Midwestern professional wrestlers. With roots in vaudeville and the carnival sideshow, early professional wrestlers were a rare combination of athlete, circus performer and thug.

Featuring: Joe Snyder, "The Texas Midget", Sodbuster Kenny Jay, Stan "Krusher" Kowalski, and Eddie Sharkey.

Directed by John Lightfoot

Copyright Site-Specific Documentary, 1998

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