New House, New Mural

You might remember the sweet robot mural we painted in the kitchen at our former abode. If you don't remember, we painted a giant robot on an orange wall in our kitchen. I was down with it in a major way.

We loved that mural, so when we put the ol' house on the market, we risked NOT painting over it. Fortunately, the buyer liked it, and said he intended to keep it. Smiles.

It didn't take long before I started clamoring for a new mural at our new house. Gerg agreed that a mural would enhance our hanging out. Fortunately, Sarah, the artist who painted the robot mural, was more than willing to develop a new mural for the new crib.

My homies know I go big when it comes to aesthetics, from hair to heels. A wall near the front entry revealed itself as the perfect mural wall. Sarah and I investigated big designs. Liz offered to share her overhead projector.

We were able to source all of the paint from our garage, which made this project hella cost-effective. The previous owners of our new house left behinds scads of paint, and we brought our collection from the old house with us. Sarah mixed some colors to achieve some hues. Liz and Sarah worked out the design. I assisted with painting and had a few homework assignments.

We dig the new mural. It's got pizazz.

My Oktoberfest Birthday Bash

This year we celebrated my birthday with our 2nd Annual Oktoberfest Birthday Blitz.

Folks gathered at our house for sausages, snuff, kraut, beer, pretzels, oom-pah music, and cabbage.

After that warm-up, we headed to Gasthof zur Gem├╝tlichkeits for the polka band and lots of revelry. Costumes made the whole night way more hilarious.

Birthday highlights included:
- An amazing German chocolate cake prepared by Shortcake of Shortcake Bakes
- All the killer Oktoberfest outfits
- A bento box lunch with pals
- The Pearson's giant stein and killer sundaes
- Snuff donated by Jana
- That mustard dip
- A romantic dinner at Om
- A pre-party celebration with scarlet at Psycho Suzis
- A cocktail waitress at Gastofs gave me her number; I didn't ask for it.
- Gifts! Wine, bouquets, sequin pants, a vase, earrings, purple dingo boots, a platter, a cupcake, fragrant candles...

View more photos from the night here.

A Name and A Photo

This is gerg's great great grandfather.

I've been told his last name was Gould and he was a mayor in England.

I'm trying to learn more about him.

Any history buffs out there?

What's with the cloak and hat? How about the item behind him bearing some resemblance to the English crown?