Our Home has a Medallion!

Medallion Home
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On a random Friday afternoon, one of our new neighbors rang our doorbell to invite us over for some steaks. I explained that gerg was still at work, so I grabbed a pencil and paper to get the neighbor's phone number so I could call him once gerg got home. While I was rummaging through the drawer grabbing a pencil, I hear him say something.

Steak neighbor: "Oh! I see you live in a Medallion Home."

Me: "Pardon? A what?"

The steak neighbor pointed to the tarnished medallion on the front of our house under the house number, explaining: "A Medallion Home. These medallions were awarded to certain houses for how they were wired back in the 50s and 60s."

Me: "Really? I had no idea."

Steak neighbor: "Yep. Anyway, let us know if you want steaks."

Me: "Can do, and thanks!"

I never even noticed the medallion, so I looked it up. This is what it looks like without tarnish:

In October 1957, LBE launched the "Medallion Homes" campaign, which sought to sell 20,000 all-electric homes nationwide by 1958, 100,000 by 1960 and 970,000 by 1970.

To earn a gold medallion--a decal affixed to a home's entryway and considered the apex of modern, all-electric living--a home had to have an electric clothes washer and dryer, waste disposal, refrigerator and all-electric heating.

The Medallion Homes campaign was a huge success. By some estimates, the nationwide goal of about 1 million all-electric homes was achieved, according to the Edison Electric Institute, although data on the actual number built is unavailable.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrbill/5376624/

Our house was retro-fitted with gas at some point, and we hope to alter it even further with off-the-grid power, but it's neat to learn wacky stuff about our house from neighbors who stop by to offer steak.