My Oktoberfest Birthday Bash

This year we celebrated my birthday with our 2nd Annual Oktoberfest Birthday Blitz.

Folks gathered at our house for sausages, snuff, kraut, beer, pretzels, oom-pah music, and cabbage.

After that warm-up, we headed to Gasthof zur Gem├╝tlichkeits for the polka band and lots of revelry. Costumes made the whole night way more hilarious.

Birthday highlights included:
- An amazing German chocolate cake prepared by Shortcake of Shortcake Bakes
- All the killer Oktoberfest outfits
- A bento box lunch with pals
- The Pearson's giant stein and killer sundaes
- Snuff donated by Jana
- That mustard dip
- A romantic dinner at Om
- A pre-party celebration with scarlet at Psycho Suzis
- A cocktail waitress at Gastofs gave me her number; I didn't ask for it.
- Gifts! Wine, bouquets, sequin pants, a vase, earrings, purple dingo boots, a platter, a cupcake, fragrant candles...

View more photos from the night here.

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