Wedding Spoiler: The Wedding Rings

First, I spoiled the handbag.
Next, I spoiled the shoes.
Then, I spoiled the orgy.

10 days until we're hitched, and I'm about to spoil the rings.

Possibly the most enduring memento of the occasion (besides our marriage) will be our wedding rings, which is why we wanted something cool enough to wear forever. We're pleased as punch with the design of our rings. Therefore, I'm going to SPOIL the rings with this blog post.

Fortunately, some friends were able to recommend Studio Vincent at Gaviidae Commons. We headed there on a breezy Saturday morning in March to select our rings.

For his wedding ring, gerg selectged this piece by Patrick Malotki who interned at Muerrle & Heckler. Gerg was fascinated by the goofy joinery demonstrated in the ring. Being a handyfixitdude, gerg appreciates these kinds of details, and the joinery gives a nod to his woodworking sensibilities and the woodworking sensibilities of his father.

FOR DA BRIDE (c'est moi!)

Mine ring is by the amazing Niessing company out of Germany. I was charmed by the floating diamonds in this "Runway Ring." The channel in the ring has a wikked awesome feature; the cognac diamond physically glides through the channel, as though it was floating up and down the runway. Additionally, the cognac colored diamond matches my hair. WORD.

[where: 55406]


Melina said...

I love both rings, especially yours. I'm jealous, my hands are too short and stumpy for a thick ring like that...but I want it!

Reetsyburger said...

melina - no doubt. it's a little too much ring for my fingers too, but
it's cool cuz I got it like that.

Andrea said...

MARIE! I love them both. Perfect for you two. Major Excited here.

Reetsyburger said...

Andrea - Thanks girl! Mine is definitely OTT, but I like it SO much! I'm getting super excited now - so glad you'll be there.

Unknown said...
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