Fuzzy Mold? Pretty Pony Poop? Angel Droppings?

Check out the snowstorm we had at our house this June.

KIDDING, but seriously what's with all the white fluff floating in the air in our neighborhood recently?

Have Pretty Ponies taken over our skies and started crapping mid flight?

I keep thinking it must be cottonwood, but how can the few cottonwood trees in our neighborhood produce this much fluff?

It's been extreme - so much so that the other day that I got spooked by it, and didn't want to eat on the deck. The angel turds kept falling in my food!

Seriously, my flowerbeds are coated in it to the point where they looked like they're covered in fuzzy mold.

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Aliecat said...

Yep, that's Cottonwood, or as my ex the arborist would say, the tree from hell. They popped this weekend.

Reetsyburger said...

aliecat - I just want to tell the cottonwoods to stop being so EXTREME. PS - dating an arborist must make Arbor Day a real treat!