Mayday Parade Rookie!

This year I attended my first Mayday Parade in Minneapolis, and you can bet your sweet lil something that I'll be back again next year. Hella AWESOME.

The smiling faces were contagious! Minneapolis loves this parade! I heard a dude next to me spouting out artistic interpretations of all of the puppets, and it didn't even annoy me.

Being a short stack myself, I notice tall stacks. This man must've been 8 feet tall! Must meet tall man.

The costumes, puppets, and musicians were totally entertaining. Check out our photos from the parade.

Unfortunately, someone was a big loser at the after party. From the Mayday web page:
"Unfortunately, there was a robbery at the MayDay T-Shirt Booth A on MayDay (The booth near Stage 1, the concrete band stage). All of the credit card receipts were stolen. If you purchased merchandise at that booth on MayDay, you should contact your bank and cancel your credit card to avoid fraudulent use. We sincerely apologize for this unfortunate incident."


[where: Minneapolis, May Day Parade, 55406]

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