Awesome Place - Mother Earth Gardens

From our garden last year - a Honey Grape heirloom cherry tomato -
plant purchased at Mother Earth Gardens

Although I've rokked a Phish Show or ten, I wouldn't say I'm a hippie.

My mom? Totally thinks I'm a hippie cuz we're not getting married in a church, and cuz we're all about conservation and organic foods. But hey, lots of non-hippies are feeling that kind of stuff.

Another thing that doesn't make me a hippie - my patronage of Mother Earth Gardens. Since I've lived here, I've shopped for plants, dirt, pots n things at Mother Earth Gardens.

The awesome thing about Mother Earth Gardens is their total commitment to being AWESOME. Many other Longfellons agree that we're lucky to have them in the hood.

Awesome traits of Mother Earth Gardens:

First, they have fantastic plants. Big, juicy, buttery, glistening, melt-in-your mouth plants. They offer heirlooms, organics, even native species.

Second, they are all about organic and sustainable growing, and will take the time to answer your questions in these areas.

Third, they are the rad in terms of customer service. Because I'm not a hippie, I stopped at the garden center on my way home from work wearing a skirt and pumps. They gladly offered to help me load up my car, and didn't even roll their eyes at me, although it would have been totally precedented had they.

Fourth, when I buy stuff there, it doesn't die. Now, it could just be my crucial green thumb, but I'm not totally confident about that.

Fifth, they offer useful seminars such as: Summer Composting, Ornamental Edibles and Urban Vegetable Gardening.

I've always voted for them as the "Best Garden Center" for CityPages' annual "Best Of The Cities" contest. I'm not shocked that they've won the award for the past three years.

Plant some stuff.

Mother Earth Gardens
3738 42nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marie! I stopped by Mother Earth Gardens yesterday. It was awesome! Makes me want to own a garden store!

Reetsyburger said...

shortcake - I *heart* garden stores. If you open one, will you please be sure to stock heirlooms other than tomatoes?