Tumbleweed Flirtation

It was just outside of Denver. I was standing flat footed in the arid, flat, middle of nowhere, and had kicked off my pumps to absorb the warmth of the sun-soaked pavement through my toes.

Basking in the warmth of the arid heat, I tilted my face towards the sun.
As the dust of a giant bus choked me back to reality, I turned my gaze toward the dusty highway.

And then I saw it. It was speeding in my direction!

With my back against the wall of the Thrifty car rental building, I was stuck with nowhere to turn. To my right, the building, to my left, the parking lot!

I only had seconds to gather my plan to tackle and pin it!

But alas, the wind shifted and it tumbled on down the highway, paying me no attention.

I continued to watch it until it lodged itself on a fence; I thought to myself, "Tumbleweeds are cool."

[where: Denver, Colorado, Thrifty Car Rental]


Josh Herman said...

tumbleweeds are indeed... cool. :)

Reetsyburger said...

I mean, they're just so TUMBLY!