Cherish is the word

I went to the farmer's market and bought a hanging pot of flowers.
It's almost dead; I neglected it.
I feel badly because I wanted it to grow and thrive and bring me joy with it's beauty.

Too busy to nourish the seeds that I've planted, expecting somethings to care for themselves.
Too stressed to handle my failure gracefully.
This is the reconnoiter post.

I need to be bonafied and cherish what I love.
Stress is not a solution. Feeling blue is wasted energy.
I will focus on cherishing and dancing.

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Anonymous said...

From my mom:

Also, things worth doing are worth doing well, and that includes the follow-up which needs to be part of the original estimate of time. I wonder how many plants I have seen planted by the garden society only to be neglected because they did not consider care, just got caught up in the planting. Little in life is a one shot deal. Maintenance is the name of the game, along with words like: inventory, resupply, upgrade, process. Mom