The St. Crispin Autumn Velvet

Earlier this month Heavy Table hosted a Crispin Cider Autumn Cocktail Contest.

I submitted my entry, which is based on a mix of the traditional black velvet cocktail and the Kir Royale.

I learned today that I won. Hooray!

The St. Crispin Autumn Velvet

One part original Crispin Cider
One part Vouvray -or- Rosé Côtes-du-rhône
A splash of black currant juice

[where: Minnesota, Food, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, 55418]


Josh Herman said...

Nice work Marie!

Dre said...

Yum! How exciting- what's the prize? Yippy for u-cheers

C1D3RL0V3R said...

Thank you for entering, we appreciate all the support we get. Next up is the Thanksgiving recipe contest on HeavyTable. I hope you can enter this one too.

Reetsyburger said...

I think I get a gift certificate to Surdyks, but I haven't received anything yet.