I *Heart* my Penguin

I'll admit it. I have a thing for sparkling water. However, my passion for sparkling water was beginning to conflict with my passions for reducing waste and saving moo-la.

Therefore, as a yuletide gift in December, gerg lovingly bestowed upon me a SodaStream Penguin.

I was a touch overwhelmed when I opened the box because it was so mysterious and different. I was all like, "It doesn't use electricity, it uses carbonators. What the hell is a carbonator? Is that what's in the Guinness can?"

Well, it was easier than pie to assemble, and we've been using it regularly for months now, and for the following reasons, we like it:
  • We can make as much sparkling water we want, on demand, baby.
  • We can use tap water.
  • It arrived with 2 attractive glass carafes for storage and use. Perfect for the fridge and for table settings.
  • Our friends and family like learning how to use it - instant party favor.
  • The carbonators last a long time. My first one just ran out after 8 months of use. It ships with 2 carbonators, so we're set for awhile.
  • It's shaped like a penguin, and it honks at you when the carafe is properly carbonated.
  • It's kind of like a robot, and I dig robots.
  • After a year's worth of use, it will have paid for itself.
Now that the first carbonator is empty, we'll need to exchange it sometime soon. We know we can do it through the SodaStream website, but if you know of a local option for exchanging the carbonators, please holler at me.

FYI, the thing in the Guinness can is a patented widget: "The purpose of the widget is to release the CO2 from some of the beer in the can to create the head. The widget is a plastic, nitrogen-filled sphere with a tiny hole in it."

[where: Minnesota, Food, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, 55418]

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Unknown said...

Hi Marie -
You can get refills at the Kitchen Window:)