She leaves me notes...

Grace, my assistant, is true blue. Completely loyal. Devoted. And fun to be around. She left today for one week. A true romantic, she left me individual notes for each day with some kind of uplifting quote or joke. that's Grace --------------------------->

Grace knows my man is far away. She knows, despite my busy life, cheerful smiles and silliness, that I struggle with this long distance thing at times. So she leaves me notes. And she calls me on nights when I'm out to make sure I'm behaving. And she goes out on "dates" with me. She gives me hugs (I've read that women are more successful if they have meaningful physical contact 8 times per day. His arms ain't 300 miles long, so I ain't gettin' hugged that often.).

And this is something that I've learned about romantic relationships throughout these months: when it's real, your peeps rally. They gather around that fire. They fuel you. They shelter you. They enjoy your warmth. They want to toast marshmallows on you... (?!)

I never doubt his love, but sometimes I doubt my patience. And so when reservations and doubt rear up on their hind legs and bite my "break up" alarm, my peeps disengage it. They take a fractured me and seal me up with loving wax. And, of course, he seals their deal with his big time smiles and right words.

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