In Search of a Longer Wick

These days it's an almost constant rountine for me to plan out my days at least a week ahead of time.

No complaints, but I've got a lot on my plate to prioritize. And every responsibility that I've accepted, I've done so with enthusiasm and a bit of apprehension. Some think I should scale down...that I've got too much going. I make time (somehow) for all of it.

What I've got going:
Fulltime job at in University Relations at UWO, with recent promotion (sNICE)
Graduate school (2 classes)
Senior Editor, Wisconsin Review (2 issues annually)
Vice President, American Association of University Women
Awxum Relationship, albeit long-distance
Freelance/Consulting (PR stuff)
Writing (poetry and blog)
Family and Friends - (showers, weddings, babies, housewarmings, projects)
A Current Job search in Minneapolis
My Household (cleaning, cooking, gardening, paying bills, laundry)
Fun Stuff - Sunday night Jazz, visits to my MPLS, dinner out, salon visits, dancing, etc.

Now, I didn't come to this blog to bitch, and as I tried to convey, I embrace these responsibilities, (except maybe paying bills and doing laundry). So I ask, what should I chop out of the equation? I'm building foundations for my life, career, and family. I see all of these responsibilities as chunks of that foundation. I could use fewer pieces, or crappier pieces, I suppose, if I was clamoring for my future to be lesser or crappier.

I want to sukk my life bone dry. I want to appreciate my efforts now and later.

I guess people expect that friends should be available routinely, and family should attend all family events, and colleagues should spend time together outside of work, and couples should see each other more than twice a month. Also, some time should be available for new opportunities. And all of this makes sense, but how are we supposed to do it?

Which joy should I amputate?

Somehow I'm managing, and most people are supportive. They take me when they can get me, enjoy the time we have together, and accept that I'm busy. But I certainly detect resentment at times, and I don't get the big rewards that come with being fully committed and focused on one project. Good thing, I guess...who's got time to dust all of those trophies?

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