I'm a fuggin super ball

Bouncy? Yes.
All over the place? Yes.
Pocket-sized? No, so maybe the metaphor doesn't totally work.

There sure are a lot of reasons for me to feel cheery lately....
I got this new pink motorcycle helmet with sparkles. gerg's hoarding it, but I'm gonna steal it back from him. And Mexico is just about 2 weeks from here. I'll be sunbathing with tequila in my guts, remembering my misery caused by winter gnawing at my fingers and toes for four months. Fun music and new friends to jam with. And even some new spring dresses!

And enough reasons for me to feel blue....
The job hunt in MPLS is sukking ass...dozens of leads, but only one interview. Missing gerg almost constantly. Totally overloaded with coursework. I feel like everything is half done. Everything is started, and nothing is near completion.

I'm not satisfied. Almost everything is ALMOST where I want it to be, and more than anything, I just want to be there. I want to be done with school. I want to have that kickass job in MPLS. I want to take the next step with gerg. I want warm weather.

It's maddening to bounce to the point where you almost reach it only to be sukked back down by reality's gravity.

I'm ready to break on through, never to come back down.

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