Melikalikimaka is the Thing to Say on My 30th Birthday

October 15, 1977: a little Reetsy was born amidst tragedy.

When I think back to the day I was born, I remember how discouraged I felt when I saw Rosemary Clooney and Bob Hope clutching one another and sobbing on TV. As the nurses spanked my bottom and shoved tubes down my throat trying to keep me alive, I had a hard time finding a reason to hold on.

I just couldn't celebrate because Bing Crosby's death was SO awful.

Bing and I shared so many interests: booze, Ireland, Count Basie, crooning, and playing golf, among others. My closest friends and family know that I have a secret passion for playing the piano and crooning songs from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Perhaps with my first gasp of air I inhaled some of Crosby's blessed pipe smoke and was made an instant crooner.

Bing Crosby (died October 15, 1977)

RIP and Melikalikimaka, Bing.

Thanks for the laughter. Thanks for the tears. Thanks for my birthday. OH, and thanks for your HAWT daughter, Denise, aka Tasha Yar.


PS - That little cabin in the woods was the RAD. A big thanks to all who attended, and to gerg for planning the best birthday party ever!

30 year-old me.

gerg as Moose

Sunset at the Lodge

Thumbs up for being 30!

Jon's first (ever) shotgun. Awe...

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Ranty said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Or as my mother-in-law would say:

Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

(Nope, I don't have any idea what that means either.)

Oh, and wait up, you 30-year-old, I'm crossing that threshhold right behind ya!

Reetsyburger said...

Thanks Ranty! Come on and catch up already! The 30 year olds have it going on!

Alexis said...

Happy 30th! Mine's in a week.

Reetsyburger said...

alexis - perhaps you can write something up about how much better shooping is in our 30s.