99.9% is Close. Very Close

I got an email today from my designer.

Designer? Yes, the person who's designing the layout of my poetry book.
Poetry book? Yes, the one I've been working on for about a year now.

Says she:
"I spent bout 5 hours working on your book last night and am about 99.9% done!

I had some colors that I was concerned about and had to switch some pantones to cmyk, resize things, et cetera.....when you switch em they never look the same on screen.

Since you like the cover as is, I left it .... the only thing I did was a color adjustment so that it didn't look so washed out. I did a black/white curve on it to make it pop more.

I was gonna do a bunch of fancy stuff to it, but instead I did some changes on it for the contents page so it is an extension of the cover. So the contents page is changed....... I really wasn't sold on that page and I like this better but you let me know.

I will send that to you asap. Of course you have the final say!!!"

Sometimes when you get an email, you think, "thank gawd".

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