Dallas Orbiter RAWKS The Varsity

Dallas Orbiter hosted a wham, bam, but not too glam rock show at The Varsity this weekend to introduce their new album, Motorcycle Diagrams.

The Varsity looked super sexy, and the bartender was mixing things up fiercely. *hiccup* The music? It was Dallas Orbiter. It was awesome. Duh.

It was a crucial show. Read all about it on How Was The Show. Also, check out the How Was the Show photos, which are much better than mine.

"..... nothing came off as showy or forced, it just seemed like exactly the right the thing at exactly the right time, much like Dallas Orbiter themselves could be in the coming months." - How Was The Show

"You guys, that was the best show ever!" - Mike Reed, Dallas Orbiter's #1 fan.

"Gerg was so F*&%ing HAWT up there!" - Reetsyburger, groupie and Gerg enthusiast

"Great show last night. Super glad I made it for the last 5 songs. Awesome! Terrific job fellas." David Foureyes, local handsome dude and expert on chicken wings.

Here's a photo I took of them rokking out. See the whole set here.

[where: 55406]

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