Longfellons: No Pie Charts! Only Pies!

Our neighborhood community council is hosting a pie potluck.

We're gonna get together, eat pie, and make some arrangements for the neighborhood.

I hope they'll give us the story on the new Tom Pham joint opening on E. Lake St.

[where: 55406]


Derek said...

I thought the Tom Pham joint was a no-go. They've been trying to sell the old Molly Quinn's that he bought for the last year.

Reetsyburger said...

Girl Friday gave us the scoop awhile ago.

"And those of you who live closer to Longfellow than St. Louis Park will be happy to learn that Thom Pham is finally doing something with the building that was going to house his Mix and Manhattan Martini Bar: he's opening another Thanh Do restaurant."

Reetsyburger said...

Also, we saw action at the E Lake location this weekend. There were moving trucks in the parking lot, and people carrying stuff in through the front door.

Derek said...

Thanks for getting me caught up. That sounds wonderful!

Melina said...

pie is something I can get behind. Sadly, I live nowhere near this, so eat pie for me!

Minnesota Nice said...

I wanna organize a pie thing in Nokomis. Pretty sure we can save the world with enough pie.