Nerd Alert

I guess I was a dweeb before it happened, but now I feel like a bonafied geek. I attended a conference with "con" in the title.

It was not a scificon. It was not a comic-con. It was a webcon. MinneWebCon, to be exact.

Having been charged with managing both the blog and the wiki for my day job, I was interested in learning more about wiki user adoption and internet law, so I hit the MinneWebCon.

The most informative and interesting presenter was Amy Kristin Sanders. If you need to book a speaker about internet law, try to get her...informative, interesting, smart, and funny. She holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication with an emphasis in First Amendment law. HOT. HOT. HOT.

I'm *this* close to finishing my Master's Degree in Public would be wikked awesome to top my education sundae with Ph.D. in Mass Communications and Administrative Law. That would be the rad and tough...and expensive.

Postscript - Anyone know of good books/good research about wiki user adoption?

Post-postscript - Anyone interested in funding a Ph.D. program for a bare-knuckled bruiser?

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Josh Herman said...

Adorable. If I were inclined, I would fund dem ishs. I like HOT. HOT. HOT. stuff.