The Great Wasp Nest Snafu

On a sunny autumn afternoon, after all the leaves fell off our trees, we noticed a big wasp nest in the birch tree.

I suggested that we knock it down from the tree, since the frost had already come and gone, and the wasps had vacated the nest. Gerg climbed the tree, and shook the branch with might. The wasp nest did not budge. Next, we attempted lobbing several items at the nest. Gerg was able to secure a solid hit with a red, rubber dog toy, and we cheered. If you look closely, you can see the object flying through the air, just above the higher power line.

However, while it was, indeed, a most palpable hit, the nest did not fall. Rather, the dog toy became lodged in the wasp nest, as evidenced in this photo. Other attempts to knock down the nest and the toy were fruitless. Soon it became dark, and we suspended our efforts for the evening with the wasp nest and dog toy still stuck in the tree.

On a cool autumn evening, our dog gave me dirty looks all night.

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Unknown said...

bummer. if you've still got your hose out, you could try getting a high pressure nozzle and squirting it down.

Reetsyburger said...

Thanks for the tip, Reuben!

Unknown said...
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