Oktoberfest Birthday Blitz

A birthday celebration in the form of an Oktoberfest party?
Sounds awesome to me!

Worth noting:
  • Giant steins being passed around among a group of friends are AWESOME.
  • The German chocolate cake from Wuolett Bakery is AWESOME.
  • Friends that dress up in goofy ensembles to celebrate your birthday are AWESOME.
  • The freshly made beer and pork bratwurst from Everett's Food and Meats are AWESOME.
  • Boots of Jaeger Bomb shots lead to insanity.
  • The 50 liter kegs of Bitburger from Zipp's are AWESOME.
  • Husbands who throw you an Oktoberfest birthday party are AWESOME.
  • Shots of blackberry brandy are totally underrated.


[where: 55406]


Josh Herman said...

You're AWESOME. Wish we could've been there Marie! Leesh says "Love you!" :)

Anonymous said...

Time o my life, dear reetsy! Thanks for the cheer.

Anonymous said...

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