jP American Bistro - Closed

I was saddened when I read this today:
JP’s American Bistro Closed. Tragic.

I don't know anyone who ate there and DIDN'T enjoy it.
I, for one, wanted to kiss the chef the last time we were there.
It couldn't have been the food. The food was so darn tasty.

In Dara's blog, JP is quoted saying:

The construction [endless, at Lake and Lyndale] finally got to us. With the economy, the construction, Minneapolis property taxes—after our first year, because the property had been redone, our taxes went up by three-thousand dollars a month. Nobody had budgeted for that. The construction was supposed to happen in one year, but they came back and started on Lake Street, and at some point you have to cut your losses.


You can read the following statement on the jP website:

We are sorry we have to announce the closing of jP American Bistro after 5 and 1/2 years of serving our community. We want to thank all of the countless people who graced our doors and gave us a chance to serve them. It was a privilege and an honor.

Please stay tuned to our website for future updates. We are sorry we won't be able to serve you this holiday season but for those looking for holiday gatherings contact JP directly.

Once again, from all of staff past and present, thank you for sharing all of your memories, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, hopes and dreams. With the deepest repsect, Namaste.

jP, Cheryl and Evie


BOO! I say, BOO!

[where: Minneapolis, JP American Bistro, 55406]


Erin said...

This is depressing. It was on our list of places to go but we hadn't made it there yet. I hope they are able to re-open someday.

Derek said...

Oh No! This is the first I've heard. It was often out of my price range, but simply my favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities. I had my best sesame encrusted ahi tuna ever there. I celebrated a couple birthdays and anniversaries there. Where will I go before a matinée at the Jungle Theater?

Much sadness!!