Green Tomatoes Everywhere!

Sure, you can ripen some of them on your windowsill or in a paper bag, but what are you going to do with the rest of those green tomatoes hanging on the vine in your garden??? HMMMM?? What ever will you do with all of them??

Every year, I make big plans for my green tomatoes, but I usually just end up making fried green tomatoes because they're easy to make, and they taste good with marinara, which I make using the ripened tomatoes.

This year, I want to make green tomato pie, yo. I've had it before, and it tasted similar to apple pie. Maybe a green tomato crisp would be easier....and healthier because it has oats in it - right?

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Alexis said...


I've had green tomato pickles before, which I really liked.

Also, I came across this recipe last month for green tomato salsa, something I'd never thought to try: