Reetsy's Thanksgiving Allegory

My Thanksgiving Allegory:

As a graduate student, I am the potato the week before Thanksgiving. The potato masher is finals.

As you can see from my allegory, Thanksgiving is not for graduate students....or undergrads for that matter.

As Thanksgiving approaches, many non-students anticipate 4-5 days traveling and eating Thanksgiving food stuffs with family and friends, which seems stellar to me for two reasons: I like eating Thanksgiving food stuffs. I like my family and friends.

Why, then, is Thanksgiving a pain in my rump roast? FINALS.

While everyone else is eating leftovers, drinking old fashioneds. and watching the Peanuts Thanksgiving special, I'll be sitting with laptop on lap, trying to write an evaluation of the fiscal condition of some municipality in some state that is worth 50% of my final grade, probably realizing I've left a valuable document, book, or flash drive at home. At this point, I will ask for an old fashioned.

While aunts and mothers go shopping, I'll be frantically pounding out emails to absent-minded group members attempting to finalize a group project that has become, at this point, the bane of my existence. At this point, I will ask for an old fashioned.

While sisters and brothers are busy making plans for the Christmas holiday, I'll be realizing that I have no time to do any planning - or laundry, for that matter - until December 21st. At this point, I will ask for an old fashioned.

I'm noticing now that this might imply that I'm not thankful for the thanking holiday, which just isn't the case.

Thank you, Thanksgiving for giving me a chance to chow down with family and friends.

I promise to gleefully participate in the festivities once I'm done with grad school. And when I do graduate and am able to participate with cheer, I will ask for an old fashioned.

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Jon said...

Wait... so which state is worth 50% of your grade? 8-)

Anyway, how'd it go?

Shaun Moore said...

I stumbled upon your blog while searching for Thanksgiving imagery. And when I did not understand the meaning of your Thanksgiving allegory, I decided to investigate. If your career in fiduciary sustainability doesn't pan out - you may find another in the written word. Cheers.