Shanty Confessionals

Last Saturday, we pulled on long underwear, wrapped ourselves from head to toe, grabbed some coffee, and headed out to check out the Art Shanty Projects 2009 installation on Medicine Lake.

It was a perfect day for it: frigidly cold and windy with sunshine and blue skies.

My favorite art shanty was the Art Shanty Confessional. Sure, I was raised Catholic, but I've only been to confession once. This confession shanty was more fun than the confessional of my childhood.

People wrote their confessions on slips of paper that read: "Welcome. It's our pleasure to save you. Remember, two things: 1) Good penmanship is next to Godliness, 2) No last names, please. Confess something here: " The shanty folks then stapled the written confessions to the outer wall of the shanty. I grabbed a few snapshots of some of the confessions that made me laugh (No one told me to stop, so I don't think I broke any rules. If I did, let me know please):

click on any of the images to see a larger version

The shanties are open to the public every Saturday and Sunday on Medicine Lake, 11am - 4pm, through February 14.

You can check out our whole set of photos from the Art Shanty Project 2009 here.

[where: 55406]

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