Let's Measure Some Native Big Trees

Do you have a giant tree in your yard?
The DNR in Minnesota wants to know all about it!

Everyone is invited to join the search for Minnesota's native champion big trees.

Minnesota's Native Big Tree registry is a listing of Minnesota's 52 native trees judged to be the largest in the state.

A nominee is judged on three measurements:

1. Circumference, in inches, of its trunk at 4 ½ feet above the ground.
2. Its height in feet.
3. One-quarter of its crown spread in feet.

The total of these measurements is the points awarded to a particular tree. A champion tree has accumulated the most points.
How does one go about measuring a giant tree? A hypsometer, of course. But just in case you don't own one, here's how.

We've got a huge ash tree in the back yard that might be giant tree worthy. It's giant, I tell you, GIANT.

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