Mayslack's: A Veritable Agglomeration of Beef and Jus

Have you ever eaten at Mayslack's Music Lounge in North East?

I hadn't until this past weekend.

In fact, I wasn't even aware of their legendary roast beef sandwich or their motto: "Nobody beats Mayslack's meats! Nobody beats Mayslack's meats!"

Here's what I learned:

Back in 1955, the former pro-wrestler, Stan Myslajek started making gigantic roast beef sandwiches at Mayslack's. Today, Mayslack's is still serving gigantic roast beef sandwiches, While they offer other items like wings, pizza, and salads, the roast beef sandwich is their most popular menu item, according to our server. They even cater their famous roast beef sandwich for $14/lb.

Here's how they describe the Orignial Mayslack's roast beef sandwich on their menu:
The storied sandwich that only Stan Mayslack could make popular. A sandwich piled so high with roast beef. Slow roasted for 8 hours in garlic & other juices so the beef just melts in your mouth. Served with onions, banana peppers, coleslaw & some of that awesome au jus.
Mayslack's offers variations of the classic, including an Italian Beef, a Cheese Steak, and a French Dip, etc.

No matter which you order, a loaf is sliced down the middle, and then it's piled high with tender, sliced roast beef that has been soaking in garlicky jus. You might be able to pick it up and eat one bite, but be prepared for a veritable agglomeration of beef and jus. Soon, the sandwich on your big, ceramic plate will cease to exist, and you'll have a close encounter with a heap of roast beef and jus-soaked bread. You might need to seek out a fork, napkins, and eventually a take-home container.

It's a dimly-lit dive bar, but outdoor seating is available.

The portions were mighty (split portions of The Original are available for $2 extra). Gerg aptly reminded me, "Well, the whole thing was started by a pro-wrestler."


Au jus!


1428 4th St
NE Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 789-9862

PS - Here is a bad photo of our sandwiches at Mayslack's, which I took on my phone.

[where: Minnesota, Food, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, 55406]

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