Finally Finals

Spending a Saturday in the office is practically a sin for a fun-lovin gal.

I'm thinking back to summer's Saturdays. Laying out in the sun with oils that smelled like pina coladas and sipping Bacardi and Limon all afternoon. Then, a quick workout and shower and off to dinner in a sundress.........sleepless nights, long days, getting dirty in my garden.....

Today didn't resemble those Saturdays at all. Cold, dreary, tired...working all day on a final project for a grad class that inspires me, and still I'm uninspired today. I miss sunshine. I miss lounging lakeside. I miss sweating without working out. I miss my tomatoes.

Also, I miss my man. He'd warm me up today.

So I'm currently yanking myself up by the ol' bootstraps. Can't spend a Saturday night pining for what cannot be. Embrace the now! And I shall.

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