The Marquise de Merteuil was right

"Vanity and happiness are incompatible."

Vanity, Marie-style:
I set insurmountable boundaries around my soul...thick self-protective walls; my sexuality can be a tool/device/weapon...whatever I need from it. I get what I want because I feign dissatisfaction. I loathe sentimental limitations. I refuse to be held responsible for the state that I've created for others' because they've allowed themselves to be manipulated.
I am in total control of my emotional one can influence me. Nothing is a risk. I am calculating, witty, magnetic, and pleasure-motivated. If I'm not responsible for its success, then I won't be disappointed. Therefore, I take responsibility only when it's a self-satisfying mission. I'm a player. I'm an island. I'm good at vanity, Marie-style.

Happiness, Marie-style:
Being challenged, I'm inspired. I'm collaborating. I'm motivated by projects, interested in process and method. I am vulnerable because I'm taking risks. I do for others. I become fascinated with growth and nurturing it. I allow others to influence my happiness, lowering the boundaries, letting others in. My sexuality is part of my love. It's precious because it's exclusive. I take responsibility without knowing exactly how I'll benefit from it. I'm part of a community. I hold my happiness in my own hands, but I'll share it with others.

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