Home for the Holidays

Sometimes even clear communication can't prevent heartache.

It seems that some expectations are better left unspoken, as though if spoken, the value in the followthrough becomes displaced.

"I shouldn't have to tell you, you should already know this." And I can relate to a degree.

Some expectations are better left unarticulated. I expect a phonecall from a parent on my birthday. I expect flowers on Valentine's Day. I expect to get a hug when I'm sad. To articulate these kind of expectations, also termed "traditions" can displace the magic of an understanding.

It's a gamble to not articulate expectations. Ultimately, I'm relying on a person's intuition. And if the intutitive understanding doesn't exist, and expectations aren't met, then heartache happens.

The important point is to accept the risk for what it is, and not be devastated when intuition falls short. And if it doesn't come, and I have to articulate it, I will recognize that communicating my needs is my responsibility.

Additionally, I will be pleasantly surprised and appreciative of the moments when my unarticulated expecataions ARE met. How wonderful to have even one moment of that kind of understanding. When there's something I want and it comes to me without asking, that's magic.

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