A cool weekend in October

Weekend recap:

gerg and I headed to the Walker with a+d for the Heart of Darkness afterhours preview party. Althoff’s Solo für eine befallen Trompete was the highlight of the exhibit - gory, sexy, titillating, and unappetizing installation of bourgeois gone berserker. Target provided rad martinis called Targetinis. We watched some of Cameron Jamie's filmy work. I wish I could remember the name of the piece about the murderous marionette....headed home after that. Dre's feet were a mess, and a dinner of Lurcat french fries was tasty, but hurt my tummy. Silly me!

Saturday gerg and I hit the Leinenkugel Brewery Tour in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with my sis and her new booty call. Sampled their new Apple Spice beer. Found out later it was the Honey Weiss flavored with apple and cinnamon. Think I'll pass this one up in the future. Some stuff I noted: at one point, Leinie's made ICE beer!?!?! Big Butt season is Jan.-March. Also, they had summer sausages shaped like beer bottles and flavored with beer. Headed to Sloopy's for a sammich before heading home. Ditched the joint during the second playing of "Friends in Low Places." Ouch! My ears!

Saturday night is detailed below. gerg killed me. It was the awxum.

Sunday, a rare Packer victory! Then, off to Fat Lorenzo's for stromboli, hoagies, and gelato. Good thing it was our only meal of the day. Tasty, but naughty!! Headed to Kowalski's for the necessities and noted thier Olive Oil sale. Not bad olive oil for a great price. Then bopped by the Lodahl's to visit the 6-month old twins and their parents. Their home will soon become a drool factory. Seriously, adorable though, and we got to check out Eric's new scooter. This all white, OLD Honda scooter is in primo condition. gerg took it for a test drive and came back smiling. Then gerg and I headed to the Acadia Cafe to check out Finnegan. Free parking at the Acadia, and tasty beers. Finnegan played lovely acoustic guitar. gerg enjoyed one of the Acadia's seasonal Bells beers. I helped myself to a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. NICE.

Monday night was punctuated by a visit to Home Depot where gerg and I collected everything necessary to hook up the icemaker in our new refrigerator. Neither of us being experts at plumbing, the chore took up the majority of the rest of the night. We had hoped to install our new garbage disposal as well, but that must come latron. We were pooped after hours of climbing in cabinets and connecting pipes.

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