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I want to start this post by acknowledging gerg's awxum handyman skilz. He can build and fix almost anything, it seems, and he's hot while he's doing it.

However, we have been battling with our new fridge all week! We can't seem to get the icemaker to make ice! gerg hooked up the plumbing whatnots, and still no ice. So, imagine my surprise when I came home yesterday to a flooded kitchen that resembled a murder scene.

I frantically called gerg to find out how to turn off the hose that was shooting water out from under our sink. I twisted every knob back and forth and managed to get the water to stop geysering. Then, I took the dogs outside and almost started sobbing. However, I kept my cool.
The water in the kitchen was red, due to a "bleeding" red rag rug that we keep in front of the sink. After hauling the rug out, dripping red water behind me, I mopped up the floor.

I then proceeded to the basement, where I surveyed a pile of water-logged boxes (mostly mine). The water was still draining from the ceiling, so I thought I'd let it subside before I went to work moving stuff. By the by, gerg came home; when I saw him I started crying. He gave me big hugs and assured me we'd get everything dried out.

We hauled the boxes out one-by-one and salvaged almost everything. My major concern is my coolio treadmill. It was waterlogged. Waiting to turn it on again until it dries out. My rare nude Madonna poster was RUINED. My awxum Herb Ritz poster is waterlogged. It wasn't destined to mount a wall in our house anyway...three next-to-nude men collecting seaweed.

We weren't in the mood to cook after all that, so gerg ordered Pizza Luce's new Ruby Rae pizza. We ordered half with veggie sausage for me, and half with the real stuff for the meat-eating man. I'm a big fan of "sauce on the top" styles of pizzas, so this one is a winner for me. I shall sample the leftovers for an upcoming lunch.

So, my stick shift driving lessons were postponed (scheduled for the Roosevelt School parking lot). Big ups to cBass, a local rokker and mathematician, who grabbed some extra paper towels for us. And a visit from our wacky pal, Liz, got me laughing again. She hates Kwan's new white loafers.

My old skool rave tapes are scattered around the garage drying. I hope the Dazy Skullz tape survives. I gotta hear it again!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your flood. I had a similar experience last week. It didn't involve any posters but it did involve 5000 mint condition baseball cards.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the poster...bummer!!