The List

Last night gerg was asking me if I had a list of stuff I wanted to accomplish in this life. I couldn't really answer at the time. As a generalist, I lack the ability or desire to focus and concentrate my efforts on one particular area, as opposed to specialists.

I've got a lot of dreams and many things I'd like to acheive.

Do I have a list? Not really. There are a few certain goals:
1. a kickass spouse and family (aka LOVE and support)
2. writing and publishing
3. learning new stuff
4. serving the public (ideally, in higher education)
5. fun times and relaxation

But part of me even hesitates to put it in writing...not because I'm afraid to commit to my goals, but because I seize opportunities. Would I pass up the opportunity to live on the moon? Prolly the same time, that might mean some of the above goals/dreams might not actualize.

And after watching my parents struggle with head-over-heel changes that sent them whirling, I've also learned that adaptation is crucial. The ability to adapt to a new lifestyle, a new environment, and/or a new culture is paramount. Balancing priorities and recognizing that I can't do everything that appeals to me has been a major challenge. I've mitigated that challenge by honing in on successful areas that appeal to me, enrich my life, along with enriching the lives of others; it's important to me that I share my time and talents with folks, especially the ones I love the most.

I know there are more dreams in my head than I'll ever be able to see to the end. I'm glad for the ones that have come true. Back when I was 13, I never thought so many of those girlish hopes would turn up for me. I've been amplified.

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gerg said...

A quick stab at My list.

1. Stay creative
2. Learn new things
3. Develop meainingful relationships
4. Become self-employed
5. Live in the mountains
6. Live on water
7. Live on the moon
8. Learn a programming language
9. Learn to weld
10. Design/build a house
11. Incorporate myself