Project Runway: Wayside on the HWY to Hell

Project Runway!!!!!!

My favorite reality TV is BACK! Tim Gunn is back! Heidi Klum is back! Michael Kors is back! Nina Garcia?? Back!!

I'll spend the next several weeks fooling myself into thinking I know something about fashion and wishing I had Nina Garcia's hair.

I'll gossip about fashion with people who wear jeans and hoodies 75% of the time. Apparently, the show somehow manipulates its viewers into thinking we are fashion experts.

Yes, it's back, which also means my favorite reality TV blog is back.

Project Rungay: They Sew: We Rip

[where: 55406]


Melina said...

It's MY favorite too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like its gonna be a good seaon so far! God that stupid toga dress was hideous. Looked like someone raided the costume room from I Claudius.

Andrea said...

So what your saying is you want to gossip with me :) Love comfy cas!..right david foureyes!