Reetsy Interprets: Brett Favre's Retirement

Today, as most Packer fans, I learned of Brett Favre's retirement.


The Brett Favre era is over. [Ed. note: sniffle]

The man who has been the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback for all but three games of the last 16 seasons, the only quarterback an entire generation of Packers fans has known, is retiring.

The Packers made the official announcement shortly before 10 a.m. today.

The statement from General Manager Ted Thompson read in part:

'Brett Favre has informed us of his intention to retire from the Green Bay Packers and the NFL. ... The Packers owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude.'

I can see Brett now, trying to learn how to retire...

In my imagination, a retired Brett Favre would try fishing by knocking fish out with footballs. Thus, I created this image.

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Andrea said...

I will so miss the Brett days but this will not hold me back from being a strong Packer Backer! Go Pack Go